Buying process

Buying Process

Permission to buy property

Permission to buy property

Non- Eu citizens are entitled to freehold ownership of properties and offshore entities may buy premises for their business or residence for their foreign employees. Permission to buy property must be sought from the District Officer by written application, which must be submitted by the non –Eu citizen purchaser after the contract of sale is signed. This permission is granted more or less as a matter of course to all bona fide purchasers. In the meantime, however, purchasers may take possession of their property without restriction. The same applies to EU citizens that are not resident in Cyprus. EU citizens are the permanent citizens in Cyprus do not require permission to buy any immovable property.

EU citizens can register as many properties as they wish in their name.

Legal entities established in EU countries that have their headquarters and registered office in Cyprus, do not require permission to buy any immovable property. Legal entities established in Cyprus and controlled by citizens of the EU require permission to buy immovable property in Cyprus as well as other legal entities.

Legal cost:

Legal fees vary according to the price of the property but the fee of an experienced property solicitor is usual between €1.500 - €2.000.

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